Daily consumption of Beautéssence will boost cell rejuvenation and revitalisation as well as elimination of toxins from your body, maintaining healthy looking skin and boosting the immune system. Its unique formulation offers holistic beauty benefits for true beauty; inside out!


NEW Advanced Formula from Japan



It is an edible Japanese yeast that is also a melanin inhibitor and inhibits the production of tyrosinase that is required to form melanin. Through this process, the consumption of Cerepron-F is effective in achieving brighter and even skin tone!


cell turnover


Promotes collagen production


Improves skin firmness

2 Tones Brighter in 60 days!*

Nutri-Lock Technology

This is a patented technology that has been clinically tested to increase the effectiveness of the formulation. The findings from a study called “Double Blind” shows that the brightness level of skin can increase up to 2 times its initial shade in 60 days through the consumption of Beautéssence.


Beautiful Skin

  • Promotes skin regeneration
    and rejuvenation
  • Boosts radiance of skin

Intimate Health

  • Boosts energy
  • Balances pH levels

Beautiful Body

  • Increases metabolism
  • Encourages bowel movement

General Wellness

  • Promotes overall vitality
  • Improves health

Other Benefits

  • Helps maintain healthy body and skin
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Mix of phytonutrients that contribute to good health
  • Rich in polyphenols, improving or help to treat digestion issues, weight management difficulties, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and cardiovascular diseases
  • Delay signs of aging
  • Contains fibre to regulate digestion
  • Improves immune system and overall health

Recomended usage

  • 1 sachet per day- Please be advised that Beautéssence may contain fish products
  • Avoid use of Beautéssence in infants and children aged below 12 years old
  • Seek medical advice before using Beautéssence during pregnancy or lactation
  • Please report any reactions suspected to be associated to the use of Beautéssence to your doctor

All ingredients:

Water, Fructose, Strawberry Juice Powder, Roselle Extract, Cerepron-F, Pueraria Mirifica, Fish Collagen Peptide, Pomegranate Extract, Aloe Vera Extract and Labisita Purnila, Contains Permitted Sweetener, Flavouring, Colouring and Preservatives, Contains Acidity Regulator, Thickener and Stabilizer as Permitted Conditioner.